Top 10 iPhone Apps for Young Kids

With more than a million apps available in the App store, the iPhone keeps your kids entertained and educated all the time. Many iPhone apps for kids have educational components, which can help them learn the alphabets, numbers and a lot more. These iOS apps are tailor-made for kids in kindergarten or preschool, and most of them are great for entertaining bored kids. There are various apps in the App store like productivity apps, games,  fast charging apps, etc With millions of apps to pick from and unique characters of kids from across the globe, it’s very tough to narrow down on apps everyone would like. Here is a list of top 10 iPhone apps that kids would enjoy.

Top iPhone Apps for Young Kids

Cookie Doodle

There is no real educational element in the Cookie Doodle app, but it has great entertainment value. With this app, kids can create their own cookies. With more than 20 dough including oatmeal, gingerbread or red velvet, they can have fun making the dough and finally cutting the cookie.

Peekaboo Barn

This app is great for learning various animal names and the sounds they make. The graphics are simply brilliant, and the app has verbal or written cues in English and Spanish. Kids can view any animal by tapping the screen or guess the name by hearing the sound made by the animal.


It does not have any educational element, but Mixamajig is a great app for entertainment. The goal of this app is to create characters named Kooks, using various body parts. Mixamajig includes robots, aliens, cowboys, and many more characters.

Park Math

Kids can learn about numbers using this app. This app includes addition and subtraction and also some of the popular nursery rhymes like “Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush”. This app introduces early math concept to kindergarten children’s.

Wheels on the Bus

This iPhone app is very popular among preschool and kindergarten kids. ‘Wheels on the Bus’ is a collection of classic children’s songs. Kids can read the lyrics and listen to songs in various languages, which include French, German and Spanish.

Helicopter Taxi

If your kids love flying objects, then Helicopter Taxi is an ideal app for them. Using augmented reality, this app utilizes its inbuilt camera to create a visual effect of the helicopter flying inside the room. By moving the phone, kids can steer the helicopter in any direction. Parenting’s Birthday.

Party Playtime

This super-cute app lets kids celebrate their birthday all days of the week. Let your kids assemble around the iPhone to cut the birthday cake and enjoy this great moment!

Pocket Frogs

Is your kid fond of amphibians? With this app, kids can collect or produce new frogs in various customizable habitats. Kids can play this game with other friends. It also features many rewards.

Preschool Adventure

This app is loaded with educational and interactive games. Kids can learn how to match colors, count one to 10, as well as basic shapes. Preschool Adventure also features an interactive game that helps kids learn animal sounds and noises.


This smart iPhone app helps your kids learn how to write while playing entertaining games. Kids can drag Mr. Crab using a finger and draw letters simultaneously. The app records your kids’ strokes so that you can track their improvement. A beautiful drawing appears after all the letters are drawn correctly.

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