5 Reasons Why PUBG is better than FORTNITE

Pubg vs fortnite

I will begin this blog with an inquiry. Which is the best Battle Royale Game of the year 20K8, PUBG or FORTNITE? All things considered, it appears that the brutal fight between the two diversions proceeds. Both these recreations brag to have a functioning player base in millions. With incredible ongoing interaction mechanics, eye-getting settings, and lethal weapons, both these recreations are occupied with an enduring rivalry to end up the most mainstream fight royale amusement on the planet.

5 Reasons Why PUBG is better than Fortnite

To answer this inquiry, we already expounded on the reasons why Fortnite has the edge over PUBG which was based over a contention among me and my kindred author Dani. He made his focuses on why Fortnite may be the better over its partner. Also, today, I will have an interpretation of the inverse and will give you five factors that improve PUBG than Fortnite and a definitive Battle Royale diversion. This is for what reason there’s a nearby rivalry between FORTNITE vs PUBG gaming field.

1.  Graphics


fortnite vs pubg


With regards to designs, PUBG indeed leads the pack. In this, you get a more aggressive feel, something that your involvement in any semblance of Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Counter-Strike. Playing PUBG, you have a more genuine methodology towards the diversion. PUBG designers comprehended what they had at the top of the priority list and built up the diversion as indicated by the arrangement.

While in Fortnite, the illustrations are a great deal cartoonish and appears a ton like an adjustment of Blizzard’s Overwatch. Everything is a great deal beautiful, and for a sort like Battle Royale, the earnestness simply isn’t there.

2. Aggressive FPS Gameplay

fortnite vs pubg

Both being Battle Royale amusements, there isn’t much distinction of interactivity among Fortnite and PUBG. In any case, the two amusements have still endeavored to bring their components and give more uniqueness to their titles.


There is a distinction with regards to the type of things and weapons and the decisions you have when you play the diversion. Although you drop off a similar way, coast a similar way and battle to make due; there are still many things that PUBG offers better in every one of the perspectives.

You merely have a great deal to do in PUBG when contrasted with Fortnite and those originating from the no-nonsense first-individual shooter diversions; you will discover a ton of things to adore about TENCENT.

The most magnificent favorable position that PUBG has over Fortnite is the determination among FPP and TPP. For the more genuine and point based gamers, the FPP gives you indistinguishable feel from you are playing the AAA FPS titles with the Battle Royale perspective.

3.  Map Difference

fortnite vs pubg


There is no correlation between the two amusements with regards to the maps and the amount they offer to play. Being generously huge, PUBG covers it with the incorporation of vehicles. You can travel all around the guide and cover colossal separations with the vehicles and summary any other person who doesn’t have the benefit of driving.

Also, not at all like Fortnite, PUBG isn’t restricted to a solitary guide as the amusement at present offers the decision among Orange and Miramar. Although the determination between the two is irregular, it’s as yet something to be thankful to have a blend and change of area.

Two little maps are relied upon to hit the diversion this year so the component of amazement and flexibility will dependably be there. Then again, Fortnite doesn’t have vehicles, and they don’t bode well as the whole guide is much littler in territory measure, when contrasted with PUBG. There is a considerable measure of battles going ahead around the guide and players don’t get enough time really to prepare generally advantageous.

This is something that numerous players have whined about because, after all – its Battle Royale and you must be furnished with the best weapons and things keeping in mind the end goal to get by until the end.

4. More Weapons Mean More Fun


fortnite vs pubg


Weapons are the critical factor in figuring out which diversion is superior to the next. And keep in mind that many lean toward the simple access of Fortnite, a ton, nonetheless, think about PUBG as the reasonable champ.

PUBG is known for its assortment of weapons and the amount you can do with them. It’s a vast deal complex when contrasted with Fornite, yet once you get hold of it in a couple of recreations, PUBG turns into significantly more fun.

At that point, there are the plunder cartons that offer the best firearms in the amusement. Be that as it may, similarly, they are likewise tough to get as you won’t be the just a single moving toward a weapon.

And after that, there are factors like the projectile speed, discharge range, and gravity becoming an integral factor so dislike you can give somebody a mile away with a shotgun.

5.Incomparable Intensity and Adrenaline Rush


Finally, comes the point that separates PUBG from any of its rivals. The power and earnestness that PUBG conveys to the table are simply unmatched. The measure of strain that you feel when playing PUBG is nearly the equivalent as though it were a life beyond words, all things considered.

PUBG is as military as it very well may be while Fortnite merely is excessively cartoonish. While the building instrument has it’s in addition to a point in Fortnite, it’s not something near the real world. PUBG conceals it by giving gamers practical ongoing interaction that is nearer to how survival functions.

On the off chance that you have watched Hunger Games, at that point you comprehend what we are discussing here. Nobody was bouncing around making towers, and everybody knew there was only one survivor who might make it alive.

Think about the circumstance in both PUBG and Fortnite, and you will see that PUBG is significantly nearer to the real world. Furthermore, that is only a sure something. Like some other shooter diversion, it additionally comes down to who has better abilities and point. What’s more, Fortnite is no place close PUBG with regards to pointing.

Having the right stuff to make a high point is the thing that makes you win the Chicken Dinner for yourself. What’s more, regardless of whether you don’t win, you will even now be viewed as a decent player on the off chance that you wind up among the best five.

All things considered, the feelings and the will to win that you have while playing PUBG is just unique with Fortnite. The earth in PUBG is by all accounts much more genuine and complex exactly how they have intended to be in FPS amusements.




With this article, I have given you five reasons why PUBG is a superior decision over Fortnite. Be that as it may, the decision is yours to make. Everything descends to your inclination and how you need to play a Battle Royale diversion. The two amusements have their attributes, qualities, and shortcomings.

Reveal to us what you think about our correlation of both Battle Royale recreations. Yet, there is a ton of more changes to make for the two amusements with the consistent danger of significantly more Battle Royale recreations coming in future. Be that as it may, starting at now, the choice of the better Battle Royale diversion lies in your grasp so do make the most of it. Do give this article a full read while likewise investigating the focuses specified by Dani in his article of why Fortnite has the edge over PUBG.

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